Decorative False Ceiling Tiles

Which Type Of False Ceiling Is Best?

For commercial and industrial spaces which include factories, industries, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, gyms, and lots more, having a false ceiling design also known as a grid ceiling, dropped ceiling, or suspended ceiling can be a great choice as not only can this type of ceiling option help you make your space beautiful but can also help you enhance the features and functionality of the space. There are many different options of false ceilings and ceiling tiles available in the market for clients to choose from and all of them have their own benefits, characteristics, and specific advantages. Due to such a sheer large number of options, it might be quite a confusing task to choose the perfect ceiling option for your space. This blog will guide you by explaining various false ceiling options so that you will be able to choose an option that will go best with your space.

What Are False Ceilings?

In easiest terms, a false ceiling can be called a secondary ceiling which is installed in a suspended way right under the real or main ceiling. These false ceiling options can be made using various materials including metal, plaster, gypsum, etc. The main feature why people decide to use a false ceiling in their commercial or industrial space is to enhance both the functionality and beauty of the space. Let us now have a look at some of the most popular types of false ceiling options available for clients to choose from:

Types of False Ceilings:

Gypsum False Ceilings

While thinking of various false ceiling design options, one thing that must be noted is the fact that both PoP ceilings and gypsum false ceilings have a similar main material. While the principal ingredient of both these options is the same, the two ceiling options still have significant differences. The biggest difference between a PoP ceiling and a gypsum false ceiling is that gypsum ceilings can’t be moulded and are not as flexible as PoP ceilings. These are excellent for providing benefits such as acoustic and thermal benefits while being resistant to fire and still being quite lightweight.

Plaster of Paris (PoP) False Ceiling

A PoP False ceiling is a special kind of suspended ceiling tile option that is made with the help of a mixture of water with plaster of Paris powder. This mixture is then applied over a frame made using chicken wire or any other kind of flexible wire.

Metal False Ceiling

Another highly popular dropped ceiling tile option that is used a lot in industrial and commercial settings is metal false ceilings. Metal ceiling tiles are quite affordable and also allow for excellent thermal insulation properties which in turn can help you save energy. Another benefit of installing metal ceiling tiles in your space is that they are resistant to fire as well. The panels are generally made with the help of galvanised metal or aluminium, which makes them really strong.

Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Fibre false dropped ceiling tiles are some of the most popular suspended ceiling tile options for spaces such as educational institutes, conference halls, hospitals, etc. as they not only provide a beautiful look along with durability but also have excellent soundproofing and acoustic benefits. To make mineral fibre ceiling tiles, mineral fibres are used, but these are not the only type of fibre ceilings, in fact, it is also possible to find fibre ceilings made using various other natural as well as artificial fibres such as vegetable fibre, tar, wood, asphalt, and even stone. Out of all the options, the two popular fibre ceiling tile options are glass fibre ceiling tiles and mineral fibre ceiling tiles.

PVC Suspended Ceilings

PVC false ceiling tiles are made with the help of special polyvinyl chloride plastic composite material which provides them excellent durability and strength. This is a popular dropped ceiling option in various commercial and industrial spaces as it is quite affordable and requires very little or almost no maintenance costs. PVC panels are available in many designs as well as finishes that tend to vary from brand to brand. These ceiling tiles are perfect for spaces where durability, waterproofing, and resistance to insects such as termites are needed.

Wood False Ceiling

For everyone who is looking for a classy and sophisticated look for their office or conference hall, wooden suspended ceilings can be an incredible choice. These are aesthetically alluring ceiling panels that are especially recommended for colder regions. While wooden ceiling tiles are considerably durable, they are still prone to various risks including wrapping, termites, fire, and damage due to moisture. They are generally considered to be an expensive option of false ceiling tiles which are also expensive to maintain.

Glass False Ceiling

Glass-suspended ceiling options are available for people who want a unique, designer, and luxurious look in their space. It is a perfect choice for various commercial settings such as bars, educational institutes, luxurious and elegant offices and more. As glass is known to enhance the vibrancy of colours, using glass drop ceiling tiles can help you enhance the beauty of your luxurious office manifold. Glass-suspended ceiling tiles provide a lot of aesthetic appeal and beauty to your space.


While thinking of buying a false ceiling option for your commercial or industrial spaces, you need to consider everything right from the material, to the dimension of the space, to the false ceiling price options available in the market. If you would like to know more about various false ceiling options available in India then definitely contact Diamond Ceilings today. With their excellent manufacturing processes and high-quality products, Diamond Ceilings can assure their customers of excellent quality, sturdy, and durable false ceiling tiles every time.

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