Decorative False Ceiling Tiles

Decorative False Ceiling Tiles


Without a proper, durable, and high-quality roof, it is impossible to create a commercial space that is practical and beautiful. This is because a strong roof can not only help you keep your space safe from various issues and natural elements but also add a lot of beauty and visual appeal to the ceiling.  It can also provide the space with proper spaces where connections, wires, etc. can be hidden so that the ceiling looks clean and pristine. This is why, more and more commercial property owners nowadays prefer to use false ceiling tiles for their offices, hospitals, hotels, and more. There are a variety of benefits why you should ceiling tiles in your commercial space to make it look aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. In this blog, let us have a close look at how ceiling tiles can be a remarkable addition to your space including a special focus on the decorative and designer aspect of the ceiling tiles in your commercial institutes.

Types of Popular False Ceiling Tiles:

Here is a brief look at the three most popular and sought-after false tiles for ceiling options that are available in the market for clients:

  • Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles are false tiles for ceilings that are made using high-quality metals that undergo special treatments to make them sturdy and durable. They are available in a variety of designs and decorative options such as plain metal tiles, micro-perforated ceiling tiles, and standard-perforated metal ceiling tiles. Each of these can provide your ceiling with a classy look with added benefits according to your choice.

  • GRG Ceiling Tiles

GRG ceiling tiles, or Glass Fiber reinforced gypsum is another highly popular false ceiling tiles option available for customers. It provides amazing protection against both water and fire making them an excellent option for industries, hospitals, restaurants, and more. These tiles can be found in a variety of design options in the market including special diamond patterns, high-quality diamond check patterns, linear patterns, fissure patterns, sand-like patterns, pinhole patterns, polka dot hole patterns, parallel lines patterns, and lots more. This makes the GRG ceiling tiles a great choice for almost all kinds of commercial settings especially where aesthetics matter as much as features and functionality.

  • Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Mineral fibre false ceiling tiles are made using special mineral fibre that has a low-density rate. They are available in a variety of designs and decorative options which can provide your ceiling with a classy look with added benefits according to your choice.

Benefits of Using Decorative False Ceiling Tiles in Your Space:

Decorative ceiling tiles can be an amazing choice for all kinds of commercial properties and spaces as they can add a lot of visual interest to the space while also making them more functional. Here is a list of some reasons why it is recommended to install ceiling tiles in your space:

  • Aesthetic Beauty:

Decorative ceiling tiles are available in many different patterns as well as materials which means you can find a plethora of designs that can go well with any kind of commercial space. Furthermore, these decorative tiles are designed by keeping in mind a ‘professional’ look and aesthetic which means your office, hospital, hotel, and other commercial spaces will not end up looking gaudy and chaotic if you use these tiles to create a false ceiling. This aesthetic choice thus can be of great use for commercial spaces as it can create a lasting good impression on clients, customers, and employees.

  • Design Options and Versatility:

As mentioned earlier, ceiling tiles are available in a plethora of design options allowing property owners to check various tiles and mix and match them to create a unique and personalised-looking ceiling.

  • Hiding Wires and Imperfections:

With the help of false ceiling tiles, contractors and designers can hide a variety of imperfections of the real ceiling quite easily. These tiles can also be used to keep ductwork, electric and other wires and cables, and structural issues concealed and away from the common eye. This can help you create a stunning and polished look, something that is highly needed in a commercial and professional setting.

  • Energy Efficiency:

Most ceiling tiles can help you reduce the consumption of energy in your office space and thus also bring down your electricity bills. Most false ceiling tiles are highly reflective which means they can help you reduce the number of lights used in the space. Similarly, most ceiling tiles also offer excellent insulating properties which can help you reduce the need for air conditioning.

  • Acoustic Benefits:

Most ceiling tiles can also help you reduce the levels of noise and echo in your commercial spaces thanks to their amazing acoustic properties. Especially decorative designs such as perforated tiles can not only add a beautiful touch to the ceiling but can also provide amazing acoustic features thanks to their perforated nature.


Thanks to modern technology and advanced design aesthetics, commercial property owners now have a large variety of false ceiling tiles and options to choose from to make their commercial spaces such as hotels, schools, and more not only look aesthetically appealing but also prove to be full of functionality and features. You can always contact the most highly-reputed false ceiling manufacturers and sellers in India such as Diamond Ceilings to find out the best ceiling tile option for your space at competitive prices.

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