Metal Ceiling Tiles

Creating a Stylish and Functional Look with Metal Ceiling Tiles

In commercial and industrial spaces such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, conference halls, train stations, airports, and various other similar spaces require special kinds of ceiling options that can help to make these spaces not just beautiful, but also provide them with a lot of functionality. This is why false drop ceiling tiles have become such a big market nowadays, and out of the many options that are available for clients to choose from, metal ceiling tile­s continue to be one of the most popular and well-liked options. In this blog, let us have a look at how you can use metal suspended ceiling tiles to create a stunning, stylish, and functional ceiling for your commercial or industrial spaces.

What are Metal Ceiling Tiles and Their Benefits:

Metal-suspended ceilings are special ceilings that are installed in various commercial as well as industrial spaces. To make these ceilings high-quality tiles are used which are made using 120 gsm per square metre of zinc-coated steel. To make these tiles even sturdier, the tiles are further powder-coated with at least 80 microns.  Available in pre-cut forms, these tiles are designed in such a way that you can hide electric cables, fixtures, and wires with ease so that you can get a perfect, clean, and crisp look.

Multiple Options:

Metal tiles for your ceilings are available in a large number of varieties which makes them a good option for different applications in commercial as well as industrial spaces. For instance, one of the most popular designs is the perforated metal ceiling tiles which are available in both micro-perforation options and standard perforated variants. Other popular designs include different finishes such as plain finish.


As it is quite necessary to have durable, long–lasting, and sturdy ceilings in industrial and commercial spaces, a lot of people prefer to use metal ceilings and tile options as they are sturdy and durable enough to handle various kinds of wear and tear and scratches. This makes them a perfect choice for places that tend to be busy throughout the day with heavy traffic as well. Such places include airports, railway stations, hospitals, universities and more.

Easy Maintenance:

As metal tiles meant for ceilings are made with high-quality materials, they are quite durable and sturdy, and thus they do not require cleaning or maintenance as such. If you do want to clean them, you can do so with the help of a long vacuum cleaner, however, it is generally not required at all.

Fire Resistance:

Unlike various ceiling tile options that tend to falter in front of a fire, metal tiles are an excellent and secure choice for businesses such as restaurants and hotels that tend to deal with fire and open flames a lot. Not only do these tiles adhere to mandatory safety code­s, but they also save lives and mone­y during disasters and accidents.

Stains and Cleaning:

If you see any kind of stains or damage on metal ceilings in your commercial spaces, always try to resolve the problem quickly. The solution for this problem is to get the tile replaced as soon as possible as stains and damage are not just bad for the overall look of the ceiling, but can also prove to be harmful in the long term. Stains are a big no-no for false ceilings. In fact, certain kinds of stains are so bad that they may ruin your tiles permanently by either disfiguring them or discolouring them. In cases when you notice such damaged tiles, replace them as soon as possible, as this is the only option in front of you.

Commercial and Industrial Spaces to Use Metal Tiles:

Metal ceiling tiles are remarkable and a highly and incredibly worthy choice to be used in a variety of commercial, professional, as well as industrial spaces. Some of the spaces and locations where metal ceilings can be a perfect choice include hotels, railway stations, airports, auditoriums, shopping malls, factories, schools, colleges, universities, parking, passages, and a lot more. Their versatility and sturdiness are the main reasons why these tiles find use in so many different kinds of commercial settings or institutes.

Creating a Stylish and Functional Look Using Suspended Metal Tiles

For people who want to create a drop ceiling that is not just stylish but functional as well, there are some important things that you must focus on so that the ceiling that you end up with will look amazing. Here are some of these major considerations that you can use to create a great false ceiling.

Planning and Designing:

Before beginning the project, sit down and consider the dimensions of the ceiling and chalk out a layout of the same. This way, you will be able to get an estimate of how many tiles you will need for your ceiling, which in turn can also help you analyse the budget as well.

Choosing the Tiles:

As mentioned earlier, metal tiles for false ceilings are available in a few different designs. Each of these designs, while equally excellent, offers different aesthetic benefits, so choose between them carefully. Nowadays, the most popular designs include perforated metal suspended ceiling tiles, plain ceiling tiles, and more.


Metal ceilings can be a great option for all kinds of commercial spaces as well as industrial locations as these tiles are perfect and superior ceiling materials that are nowadays used for various commercial uses, making your space look attractive. You can use these tiles to design an excellent, aesthetically appealing, and highly functional ceiling in your space with the help of brief tips mentioned in the blog. If you want to know more about how to design an amazing ceiling for your commercial or industrial space, do get in touch with Diamond Ceilings, who continue to be one of the best names in this domain.

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