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Grid Ceiling Tiles Guide


Drop ceiling tiles have become so popular nowadays that you can find them being used almost everywhere- right from commercial properties to industrial spaces. These are also popularly known as grid ceiling tiles and are available in many different varieties and models. While experienced customers know that drop ceiling options are very durable, not many are aware that these tiles combine aesthetic appeal with fancy functionality for your space. Here is a brief introduction to grid ceiling options that will help you get started on this journey towards getting an amazing ceiling for your space.

Popular Grid Ceiling Tiles Option

Here are some of the most popular grid false ceiling and grid ceiling material options available to customers to choose from for their ceilings:

GRG Ceiling Tiles

GRG ceiling tiles, or Glass Fiber reinforced gypsum is a popular ceiling tile material that is incredible and well-known for its durability and sturdiness. GRG ceilings also offer excellent resistance to both water and fire making them a good fit for industrial areas.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles, as the name suggests are made using metal, or to be more specific these tiles are made using GI coil Galvanized at 120 GSM/SQM and Powder coated at a minimum of 80 Microns. You can find 2×2 grid ceiling tiles made of metal in the market quite easily.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

These ceiling tiles are made by using low-density mineral-fibre ceiling panels. These are fire-resistant and come with various specifications that make them up to the mark to be used in a variety of commercial settings. Mineral fibre tiles offer high NRC and are fire-rated which means they are safe to be installed in industrial spaces as well.

Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

Gypsum ceiling tiles are some of the most used, versatile, and affordable ceiling tiles available in the market in the form of 2×2 grid ceiling tiles. They are highly oriented towards performance and offer incredible durability and strength.

Facts About Ceiling Tiles

  • It is recommended to avoid cleaning ceiling tiles (except metal ceiling tiles) with water.
  • Ceiling tiles are generally available in a pre-cut form so accurate measurement of the ceiling to make a proper layout is recommended. The residual gap can be filled with different materials as per the recommendation of a professional or an expert.
  • The size of each tile is equal to the electrical fixture of the ceilings.
  • Metal grid ceiling tiles can be recycled.
  • It is possible to paint GRG tiles with various water-based paints including anti-bacterial coatings and paint.
  • GRG tiles can be used as a landfill.
  • Ceiling tiles are perfect for various commercial settings including hotels, railway stations, airports, auditoriums, shopping malls, factories, schools, colleges, universities, parking, passages, and many more.
  • For special spaces and areas such as hospitals, classrooms, conference halls etc. you can find acoustic grid ceiling tiles which are specially constructed to reduce echo and noise to a large extent.
  • Do check the market and various trusted sellers to find out the current grid ceiling tiles price and costs of installation.

Issues with Damaged Tiles:

Even the best-installed tiles may run into problems with age and time, but this is nothing to worry about. Just check the tiles regularly as sagging and damaged tiles are not only unappealing to look at but can also prove to be a hazard to the overall ceiling.


  1. Check the tiles regularly and specifically focus on whether there is any kind of discolouration, damage, sagging, stains, scratches etc.
  2. If you see damaged grid ceiling tiles, get them replaced as soon as possible.
  3. If along with the tiles, the whole system of the grid has become damaged, it is necessary to contact a professional as soon as possible so that they can do timely repairs.

Maintenance of the Grid System:

The grid system is considered to be the support system as well as the base on which your grid tiles are installed which is why it is extremely important to take care of it otherwise your tiles may get damaged and may even drop!


  1. Check for corrosion as well as rust and see if it is extremely apparent. If you see it, contact a professional immediately.
  2. If you notice any connections that have become loose, tighten or replace them as it may become a big problem for tiles such as acoustic grid ceiling tiles.


Grid ceilings can prove to be an immensely revolutionary addition to your commercial or industrial space, making for added visual interest as well as functionality. You can always contact experts such as Diamond Ceiling to find out more about the latest material and design options, different types of ceilings, and grid ceiling tile price options available to you.

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